Police dog on the job came across him idol starts cuddling and hugs him

It is not every day that you get to see your idol outdoor. And if and when that day ever comes, you stop for a second thinking about the person who has done a big impact on your life choices. And that’s exactly what this sweet police dog did when he came across his idol McGruff!

You still McGruff the Crime Dog? I suppose you were a kid back then, Well he was the type of dog as a cartoon character in a trench coat who always keeps reminding told you to stay out of trouble as a child and to encourage people to help


Greg Badin was at a New York City subway station where McGrove and a group of police officers met and greeted each other.

Nobody was more excited to see McGrove than the policeman on duty! Perhaps the reason he came to do this kind of work was that the dog only had to show McGruff’s appreciation! 😉

I adored the moment the police let the dog go on and hug and kiss idol despite him being on the job. What a lovely scene! Share it with your friends 😍

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