Cat Tonto waits by the door for his human to come home from work for playing together

Of course, pets are supposed to be loved, and your little creature will always love you immediately. In fact, they may love you more than you. The cat shown in this video is one of the most beautiful creatures you will ever see. He is so smart and cool!

His name is Tonto and he seems to have come up with a special routine to welcome his owner home every time he returns from work. Every time the car drives out of the house, the Bengal cat is waiting at the gate. Make sure you climb the fence for a better view of everything, and when the owner gets out of the car, the beautiful drama begins!

He loves to be received and hugged. Make sure you are on top of the gate so that the owner has the opportunity to cuddle the belly, back, head, and any other places where the cat feels comfortable. You could say these two really love each other!

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