The dog Giorgi reunited with his owner again after 3 years on the street, Love is immortal

the 62-year-old Giorgi Bereziani from Georgia has been looking for his beloved dog for more than three years, Jorge, but without success. The dog disappeared without a trace in a year and no one has seen him until later.

After all these years, Giorgi was already trying to look for her dog every day. He was still sad, handing out pictures to strangers and sticking posters with photos. After three years without sound, however, the older man began to lose hope. “THEN SUDDENLY THE PHONE RANG.”

The person who called was employed in a theater that noticed a black and white female that matched Giorgi’s description. She saw one of the posters that Giorgi pasted and is believed to be his dog!

Giorgi says ” I’m going right now ” to meet her to see the dog because he already tried many times and he lost hope, something in his heart convinced him he must at least try.

The person who called was filming: Giorgi’s walking and seeing a black and white female lying outside the theater, try to contact carefully:

“Is that you, Giorgi?” Giorgi?

In half-asleep, the dog takes a few seconds before he woke and realized that his best friend has found him!

The dog cries with joy and the person comes out of the theater to see a touching reunion.

The two are finally together! Check out the video below and share it with your friends.

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