The Cute Named Legend and Star Twin Baby Bunnies Growing Up Together

Can you imagine how these cute little creatures look even believe that the baby bunny is cute?

Legend and Star are twins who were born in different colors. The star is unimaginably white, and the legendary black fur makes it look so magical.

In this short video, which was filmed from their own channel video which has than 440k subs on Youtube/@My BB Bunny you can see the two of them being held by their owners, next to their mother, and with each other. Sleep, wiggle, and enjoy all types of love provided to them…

As you can see, there is not a single moment when Legend and Star when you won’t hold your feelings they look very innocent and you just wish to hold them with lots of kisses and it creates warm emotions inside of us. I wish you can witness what I see in them from the video below 😍😍

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