Officer falls asleep byside the puppy’s to comfort during what she has been through

Sweet lovely gesture made by this amazing police officer

Officer Karim Garibaldi was in duty in Lakeland, Florida, when a puppy escaped in front of his car. He was able to puppy and avoid the baby, and immediately went back to make sure she was still well. Hold it and put it in the commuter car.

Help the baby try the possessions for a few hours before finishing his third bout for 12 hours and moving the pit / pup boxer to SPCA Florida Medical Center, where he sleeps next to her.

The officer did not stay with the dog, but he did so from 8:45 a.m. to noon. The veterinarian had other patients in front of him, so the two of them took some care with each other. The puppy felt safe and secure with the police officer who rescued her.

Lakeland PD

The Lakeland Police Department posted the story on Facebook, saying, “Later that day, the baby found a new home. Dear officers like these are the ones who make the Lakeland Police Department truly unique.”

What a lovely act by this officer to go beyond the duty of duty to help an innocent little puppy.

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