Playful Dog Always Loves To Splashing In Puddles

A special yellow lab that suffers from a rare form of cerebellar hypoplasia.

Many of the shelters helped the dog find a new home and loving owners, but the adoptive parents continued to return him to the shelter. Stevie needs more care than other dogs because he suffers from cerebellar hypoplasia.

Because of the aforementioned disease, it is difficult for him to move his legs at the same time, which can be noticed when walking. But one day he got a loving angel and they fell in love with him.

When the dog was brought into the new home, he might have seen a mud puddle for the first time in his life. He was diving and jumping happily around the pool, deciding to do such a feat whenever there was a lovely female around. See Stevie’s delight as he was having fun in the mud pond

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